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The boss of the neighbouring dungeon has insulted your cat over twitter. This injustice cannot stand! Drop whatever productive work you were doing and correct this dishonour.  

But I won’t be easy. The evil cat denouncer has deployed her army of spamspider followers. Now your twitter feed is flooded gifs of her ugly dog. Disgusting! Expunge them all. 


  • Repeatedly stab annoying chibi spamspiders. 
  • Randomly generated dungeons. 
  • Get combo-ed into spike traps and insta die. 
  • Refuse to use a controller even though I told you it works better that way. 
  • Fight a challenging boss at the end. 
  • Get confused why nothing mentioned in the synopsis above is in the game. 


  • Only for Windows. 
  • Controller and Keyboard support. 
  • Controls can be rebound. 

Controls (Keyboard / Xbox Controller):

  • Attack: Z / A
  • Roll: X / B
  • Minimap: A / Right Bumper
  • Charge Attack: C / Left Trigger

Additional credit goes to the following assets:


BrightSteel.zip 26 MB


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Hi! Played your game here! https://topindie.games/brightsteel/

The game is really good, there are some few details that are still bugging me like I can't tell what elements of the environment makes my life go down, but is a pretty solid and fun game.

Points noted, thanks for the review!